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At Red Rose, our love for tea extends beyond crafting the perfect brew. We enjoy sharing our passion with you too! With an estimated 1,500 types of tea in the world, we understand the difficulty you may face in choosing among them. For your benefit we've broken down the main tea variations, so that when it comes to exploring your tea options, you'll have a guide on where to start.

Black Tea

All hail black tea! As a fan favorite among consumers, this type produces more pronounced flavors and aromas than other teas. If you're looking to add an extra pep to your step then this is your go to tea, as its caffeine level is typically the highest. You may also enjoy it decaffeinated as well.

Caffeine Level:
Around 40-80 mg per cup
Slightly bitter and full-bodied with robust flavors and aroma

Green Tea

White Tea

Oolong Tea

Pu-erh Tea

Herbal Tea


Did you know that a tea's type (black, green, white, etc…) is determined by its oxidation process?
The oxidation process involves bruising the leaf after harvesting which causes the plant cell walls to break down, thereby changing the flavor, appearance, and chemical composition of the tea leaf.