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Will figurines still be included in Red Rose cartons that are purchased in stores?No. However, figurines will still be available for free at www.redrosetea.com with every online purchase of select Red Rose Original or Naturally Decaffeinated tea blends. (You may still find figurines inside 100-count cartons of Original Blend purchased in stores up until July or August.)

When will figurines be available online?Beginning June 11th, we will include a free figurine with select Red Rose Original or Naturally Decaffeinated tea blends if you so choose.

What specific products will I have to order to receive free figurines?One free figurine will be included with every online purchase of Red Rose Original Blend 100-count, Original Blend 12-count Single Serve Cups, Naturally Decaffeinated 48-count, and Naturally Decaffeinated 12-count Single Serve Cups.

Why will figurines be available only online?While many of our consumers enjoy collecting the figurines, we learned that many more of our consumers do not necessarily value the figurines as much. As a result, we are continuing to offer the figurines for free, but in a way that significantly reduces the amount of figurines gone to waste on those consumers who simply do not value them as much as some of our consumers who do. We feel moving the figurines to www.redrosetea.com is the best solution to continue providing free figurines to those who love them, while reducing the amount of figurines gone to waste.

Will I need to clip UPCs or box tops to redeem for figurines? NO! All you’ll have to do is go online and order select Red Rose Original Blend or Red Rose Naturally Decaffeinated Blend.

Is it one figurine per carton or one figurine per order? It will remain ONE FIGURINE PER CARTON.

Will I be able to choose which figurine I want?Yes, or you can let us choose for you!

Why isn’t it free shipping on every order? We offer frequent promotions for free shipping that should work very well for our figurine fans who buy and consume many cartons of Red Rose Tea. Ordering multiple cartons should make it easier to take advantage of those promotions, and also ensure you have plenty of Red Rose Tea.

Key things to remember

Figurines are NOT going away!

You’ll still get one figurine with EVERY carton of Red Rose Original Blend or Naturally Decaffeinated Blend

One figurine per carton, NOT one figurine per order

All you’ll have to do is go to our online store to select the product and note your choice of figurine. Super easy!

You get to CHOOSE which figurine you want (or let us choose for you!)

Plus access to many free shipping promotions in the future.