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Tea History

As the second most consumed beverage in the world, tea certainly deserves a nod to its long and mystical history. The story of tea is complex and spans thousands of years across numerous cultures. We've highlighted some of tea's most significant moments, from its origins to Red Rose's innovation in packaging tea. See how the story of tea has unfolded!

The Origin of Tea

According to Chinese legend, sometime around 2737BC Shennong, a Chinese Emperor considered to be the father of ancient Chinese medicine, was drinking a bowl of boiled water when leaves from a nearby tree blew into his water, changing its color. The curious Emperor noted a delightful aroma and upon sipping the beverage, proclaimed it heaven sent.

There are many legends and stories about how tea was born, but one thing we do know is that tea originated in China, most likely as a medicinal drink during the Shang dynasty. Tea quickly migrated to Japan, which developed its own rich cultural traditions surrounding tea. However, it was thousands of years later when tea finally made its way to Russia and Western Europe - more or less by accident!


Tea Travels Beyond China

England Revolutionizes Tea Time

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