The timeless tradition of tea and biscuits.

The timeless tradition of tea and biscuits has been a comforting and cherished practice around the world. In the United States, tea and biscuits symbolize moments of relaxation and connection, with a nod to British influence. These classic pairings have transcended borders, becoming part of daily life in countless cultures. Beyond tradition, the beauty lies in discovering new flavors and combinations. Exploring diverse types of teas and biscuits allows for exciting taste experiences. As palates evolve, the age-old bond between tea and biscuits continue to adapt, offering endless opportunities to savor unique flavors and create memorable moments.

What do British people call biscuits?

In Britain, what Americans refer to as “biscuits” are known as “scones.” British biscuits are actually what Americans call “cookies.” The term “biscuits” in the United Kingdom typically refers to sweet, crumbly, and sometimes buttery bakes treats, distinct from the soft, bread-like biscuits found in the United States. 

What is afternoon tea?

Afternoon tea is a traditional British culinary ritual that is usually held between 3:00-5:00 pm. It is a light meal or snack consisting of tea served with a variety of smally sandwiches, scones, jams, and an assortment of pastries. Afternoon tea is often enjoyed in a relaxed and elegant setting, such as a tearoom or hotel’s lounges, and is associated with socializing, conversation, and relaxation.

How to properly serve tea and biscuits?

Properly serving tea and biscuits involves attention to detail. First, select your tea and brew it accordingly to the desire strength. Serve the tea in a teapot, with milk and sugar on the side for guests to add to taste. Arrange biscuits on a serving tray with a variety of choices, such as plain, sweet, and savory. Consider adding scones and jam. Enjoy the tea and biscuits in a relaxed, sociable atmosphere.

How did the tradition of tea and biscuits originate?

The tradition of tea and biscuits has its roots in 19th-century Britain. Anna, the Duchess of Bedford, is often credited with popularizing afternoon tea, which included tea and a light meal, to curb her afternoon hunger. Initially, it was a private indulgence, but soon it became fashionable among the British aristocracy. Queen Victoria's enthusiasm for afternoon tea helped solidify its status as a social event. Biscuits were included as a complement to tea due to their simple, easy-to-serve nature. The custom of afternoon tea subsequently spread throughout the British Empire and beyond, evolving into a beloved ritual. Today, it's cherished globally as a charming and comforting practice, signifying relaxation, social connection, and the enjoyment of delightful snacks.

What are some biscuits and tea pairings?

Pairing teas with various cookies and treats can be a delightful experience. Here are some tea suggestions to go with different cookies and treats:

1) Shortbread Cookies: Pair with Earl Grey. The gentle floral and citrus notes complement the buttery richness of shortbread.

2) Double Chocolate Chip Cookies: Try pairing with English Breakfast tea. The robust and malty flavors of these black teas balance the sweetness of the chocolate.

3) Ginger Snap Cookies: Opt for Gingerbread Cookie Herbal Tea, as the warming spices complement the ginger's heat and spice in the cookies.

4) Lemon Bars: Pair with a light and citrusy tea like Ginger Lemon Tea for a refreshing and zesty combination.

5) Almond Biscotti: Enjoy these with a cup of Green Tea to balance the sweetness of the biscotti.

6) Oatmeal Cookies: A good match for these cookies would be a comforting and mellow tea like a delicious Chamomile Tea.

7) Tea Cakes: Pair with a delicate tea like Chamomile Tea to enhance the floral notes in the cakes.

8) Coconut Macaroons: Mint Tea can pair well with coconut macaroons, creating a contrast that can be both refreshing and satisfying. 

Next time you indulge in the classic tradition of afternoon tea and biscuits, consider savoring a cup of Red Rose Tea. Its timeless appeal and versatility make it a perfect companion for your favorite biscuits. The rich and aromatic experience of Red Rose Tea can elevate your tea-time ritual, enhancing the delicate balance of flavors. Whether you opt for plain, sweet, or savory biscuits, this tea will undoubtedly enhance your enjoyment and create lasting memories of tea-time perfection.

January 23, 2024 — Jade Alderson