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Taste the Love in Every Cup

Our Red Rose Original Black Tea is blended with care to create a perfectly balanced, great-tasting tea. We’re committed to continue sharing our love for tea with you and your family for years to come. So, when you sit down with a cup of Red Rose Tea, savor the aroma and taste the love in every cup.

In 1967, we began packaging the now-famous Wade figurines with our tea and they have inspired a family collecting tradition. Today, our current figurine series, the American Heritage Series, is available for FREE with an online purchase of our select Original and Naturally Decaffeinated Blends.

Try Red Rose tea pairing Recipes for that enhanced flavor

A Non Alcoholic Peach Schnapps Drink to Try at Home

July 21, 2022
non-alcoholic sex on the beach drink, easy mocktail recipes
Enjoy the summer days with good company, sunshine, and seasonal fruits like peaches. A healthier alternative to a delicious peach cocktail is fun to enjoy socially and can help limit possible fatigue associated with alcohol, such as decreased sleep, anxiety, and plus, it’s a great alternative for your self-care goals.

How to Make a Healthy Strawberry Spritzer Drink

June 03, 2022
strawberry cocktails, drink with strawberry, homemade strawberry refresher
This refreshing drink tastes like strawberry cheesecake and feels like summer!  

Looking for a way to indulge your sweet tooth cravings without ANY calories?

Bursting with flavor, our naturally flavored Sweet Temptations herbal teas are deliciously rich and contain zero calories — the definition of guilt-free indulgence. So go ahead, and do something sweet for yourself! Enjoy our full assortment of delectable flavors: Blueberry Muffin, Strawberry Cheesecake, Lemon Cake and Caramel Apple Pie.