Red Rose Bold Tea - Black Tea 40ct


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Red Rose Bold Tea is blended with care to create a perfectly balanced, great tasting black tea. Using only the finest teas from premier mountain estates around the world, we've created a Bold Black Tea Blend that is robust, invigorating, and inspires you to expect more from your daily cup of tea.

  • 40 individually wrapped tea bags

**For a limited time, each box of Mellow and Bold Black Tea contains one World Monument Figurine. We cannot guarantee your carton will contain a World Monument Figurine. 

Black Tea

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Patricia Evans
My New Favorite

Red Rose Bold Tea is definitely my new favorite tea! How did I discover Red Rose Bold Tea? I'll admit it... I've been collecting Red Rose figurines, with my Mom, since I was a kid. And the recent World Monument Series really caught my eye, especially the Easter Island head! Easter Island has been at the top of my travel wish list for years. So, I have been buying the special boxes of tea that include a World Monument figurine hoping to find an Easter Island figurine. So far, no Easter Island figurine, but I was pleasantly surprised when I tried the Bold tea! It makes a nice, dark cup of tea with a strong but not bitter flavor. After drinking Red Rose regular strength tea, it's like adding a shot of espresso! Once the World Monument figurine promotion is over, I will continue to buy Red Rose Bold Tea! It's my new favorite! PS - Anyone have an extra Easter Island figurine they'd like to trade?

catherine rix

Red Rose Bold Tea - Black Tea 40ct

Micheal Richter
Any bolder and the spoon would stand straight up in the cup! Just kidding.

Yes, it's bold, a deeper taste than regular Red Rose. Nice change up. Good companion to the Mellow.

Cathy Weeast
Wade Figurines

Red Rose Bold tea has a crisp, fresh taste and is perfect to use for iced tea, especially with fresh mint.
But honestly, I mail order my tea because I collect the figurines. One star off because in over 30 boxes I have not gotten a single Tower of Pisa, Eiffel Tower or Golden Gate Bridge figurine.

Deb Mullen
Love it!

Red Rose bold tea is delicious! Whether you enjoy it hot or cold you can not go wrong with this tea.