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Dear Red Rose Figurine Collector,

For over 35 years, Red Rose tea drinkers have enjoyed finding a porcelain figurine in every 100-count carton of Red Rose Original Blend. We know you enjoy collecting and displaying your figurines as much as we enjoy giving them to you. And while we are committed to continuing to make the figurines available to you, we have changed the way we do so.

Starting now, figurines will no longer be found inside each 100-count carton of Red Rose Original Blend, but are still available to you (STILL FOR FREE!) with any carton you purchase on our website of Red Rose Original Blend or Red Rose Naturally Decaffeinated Blend.

We know change is tough, but we see a lot of upside to this:

Choose the specific figurine you want when you shop online! (or let us choose for you!)

We will reduce waste, as not all of our loyal customers collect the figurines (imagine that!)

Receive a BONUS figurine when you order three or more cartons of tea!

To make the transition as easy as possible for you, we are providing a one-time per customer FREE SHIPPING promo code below. This is valid for your first online purchase no matter how much you order.

Thank you again for your continued loyalty to Red Rose tea.We look forward to many years (and many new figurines) in the future!

Questions or concerns? Click here for more information!