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Love the surprise of finding a new figurine in your box of Red Rose Tea? Let us pick a figurine for you! When you purchase the Mystery Figurine, we will pick a figurine at random and include it in your order!

**Please note, while we aim to avoid sending duplicate figurines, if you are purchasing multiple mystery figurines, we cannot guarantee that you won't receive duplicates. 

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Love it

When you grow up with an Irish grandmother downstairs, you get introduced to hot tea early. I have been drinking red rose tea for over 55 years. I have several figures. Many places I lived I was unable to get it but am glad to get it from the web site and when I go back home. Nothing like a good cup of red rose tea with a little 1/2 and 1/2 and tsp of sugar. I even have the red rose mug!

Teresa Jacobson

Mystery Figurine

Love the figurines

Please continue to include the figurines in your boxes of tea. That’s the reason I started buying Red Rose tea

Susan Chamberlin
Through the ages.

Susan 74, drinking 50 years
Laura 50, drinking 40 years
Henry 12, drinking 9 years
Gillian 10, drinking 5 years
We are all so happy to see the
return of the figurines.
We arrange and rearrange the “characters” in the printers drawers hanging on the wall routinely.
Each box is like mini Christmas.
Thank you

Lisa Grignon
My Red Rose Tea!

I have been drinking Red Rose tea since I was in Jr High School doing my homework with my best friend Kirsten. She used to bring me a cup of tea with a little half and half and sugar ( otherwise we used milk if her mom didn’t have the 1/2-1/2 in the refrigerator). I loved her tea better than my mom’s tea; so I talked her into buying Red Rose tea and she balked until she tried it and to her surprise she truly loves the flavors and found the little prizes! To this day she saved the little figurines for me, and I passed them to my oldest daughter.