Rose Petal Iced Tea Infusion Recipe


  • Fresh rose petals (for ice cubes)
  • 4 tea bags
  • 2 tsp dried rose petals (or rose hips)
  • 4 cups water
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Rose Petal Ice Cubes

This one's simple! Just fill an ice cube tray with water and place one rose petal into each ice cube section. Then put the ice cube tray in freezer and allow the cubes to freeze. Voila!

Rose Petal Iced Tea Infusion

  1. Heat cold water and bring the water to a gentle boil. For the best taste results, we recommend boiling water in a kettle (not a microwave) and using purified or spring water.
  2. Pour the water into a pitcher and add the Red Rose Original 100ct tea bags and rose petals.
  3. Brew for 3 to 5 minutes, depending on your taste. For a stronger cup, try adding another bag. A longer steep may bring out the bitterness in a cup of black tea.
  4. Remove the tea bags and let it cool. You may also drain out the rose petals if you prefer.
  5. Drop in the rose petal ice cubes, add lemon, sweetener, or other flavors if desired, and enjoy!

Suggested Pairing

Red Rose Original Black Tea (100ct)
October 24, 2019 — Consumer-Relations Team