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Are you a longtime tea drinker that’s craving a new experience with your tea? Or maybe you’re seeking to learn more about tea and are researching the benefits of pyramid tea bags. There is information out there that can help you expand your tea horizons while creating special moments with your cup of tea.

Pyramid tea bags are a personal preference for those seeking a new experience with their tea. When you are figuring out how to use pyramid tea bags, you should find a brand that offers opaque bags filled with the finest quality black teas and herbs. These tea bags should also be environmentally-friendly. 

Learn more about pyramid tea bags and how you can incorporate them into your everyday tea drinking ritual. 

Does the Shape of a Tea Bag Matter?

Does the Shape of a Tea Bag Matter?

For many tea bag consumers, the shape of the tea bag is a personal preference. Small tea bags have packed leaves inside that can be packed together tightly and affect the steeping of your tea. You should look for a tea bag that’s large enough for the water to properly infuse the tea leaves and flavoring like stevia that ultimately provides you with the best flavor and brewing experience.. 

Which Tea Bag Shape is Best?

Tea bag shapes are a personal preference. Pyramid tea bags are a great option for those looking for a tea bag that infuses tea flavor quickly and provides robust taste. Why? A pyramid-shaped tea bag has more room for the premium tea to expand during the steeping process, providing for a great cup of tea (or infusion). 

A study performed by Fine Dining Lovers in 2014 showed that pyramid tea bags had “significantly greater brewing efficiency” than round and square tea bags. A New York Times article also states that “better teas are put in pyramid-shape bags.” 

What Is A Pyramid Tea Bag?

Pyramid bags are larger than regular square tea bags and typically offer a finer mesh to allow more water in and out. This also allows the tea to expand in the pyramid shape while steeping. 

What is a Tea Sachet?

A tea sachet is another name for a pyramid tea bag. Tea sachet bags have a filter bag that is more opaque, so you can see the premium blend of tea inside and watch the color of the tea form during the steeping process. 

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Are Pyramid Tea Bags Better?

Pyramid tea bags are not better than other types of tea bags but they provide a different brewing experience. They are known for providing quality tea in a very versatile bag that creates a wonderful steeping experience because the bags are more porous. This results in a quicker brewing time and a delicious cup of tea. 

Who Introduced the Pyramid Tea Bag?

The pyramid tea bag was introduced in 1996 after a company experimented with different tea bag shapes that included cylinders, spheres, triangle shaped tea bags, pentagons and top hat-type tea bags. 

The experiment concluded that the tea leaves in triangle tea bags had approximately 50 percent more room to move around and infuse, almost acting as a miniature teapot that also enhanced the flavor of the tea. 

What Are the Benefits of Pyramid Tea Bags?

What Are the Benefits of Pyramid Tea Bags?

The benefits of pyramid tea bags include: 

  • Larger size means more tea inside
  • Higher quality teas and herbs
  • A flavorful steeping experience
  • Thinner mesh
  • Faster infusion because of porous mesh
  • Provides for a better brew

What Are Pyramid Tea Bags Made Of?

You should always check with the company that makes pyramid tea bags so you are comfortable with your purchase. For instance, Red Rose Tea pyramid tea bags are made with a sustainable filter mesh. This woven mesh filter is derived from corn starch.

Are Pyramid Tea Bags Safe?

Red Rose Tea pyramid tea bags are environmentally friendly and are made of poly-lactic acid filaments from corn starch which is suitable for various leaf teas because of its permeability. 

    What Are Pyramid Tea Infusers?

    Pyramid tea bags allow the tea to move more freely, with the tea leaves moving in a circular motion, almost mimicking what happens to tea in a teapot or infuser. The shape of the pyramid also allows the bag contents to release its maximum flavor potential. 

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    Susan Magario

    Susan Magario said:

    My husband and I are enjoying your variety of teas so much!


    Sharon said:

    It is my favorite since the early 1990’s and nothing is as good. My grandson commented recently “Wow Nana this tea is really good and poured himself another glass.” Don’t mess with perfection!

    Elizabeth Sheehy

    Elizabeth Sheehy said:

    I’ve used pyramid bags before, and liked them. The new varieties sound wonderful – eager to try them! We’re big fans of EarlGrey tea, so that tops our list.

    Sue Hilton

    Sue Hilton said:

    I love your herbal teas (chocolate mint, sugar cookie, blueberry muffin, caramel apple pie) and would love to see them in the pyramid mesh bags.

    Rosemary B Varga

    Rosemary B Varga said:

    This was very interesting, Why don’t they make pyramid metal tea infusers for loose tea? I do like some of the herbal teas that are sold in various tea stores and craft shows. It would be nice to use some of these pyramid tea bags for those teas.

    Ross Hoffman

    Ross Hoffman said:

    Love my Red Rose Tea Been drinking it Every Morning, for Many, Many Years ❤️

    Karla Thomas

    Karla Thomas said:

    I’m intrigued by the pyramid tea bags and the Let It Go Honey Lavender tea but cannot find it on the website. Is this for sale on the Red Rose site?

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