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Love the surprise of finding a new figurine in your box of Red Rose Tea? Let us pick a figurine for you! When you purchase the Mystery Figurine, we will pick a figurine at random and include it in your order!

Mystery Figurines may include American Heritage or World Monument Figurines!

**Please note, while we aim to avoid sending duplicate figurines, if you are purchasing multiple mystery figurines, we cannot guarantee that you won't receive duplicates. 

Customer Reviews

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Love the figures just sort the ceramic factory in England that made these closed down.


Got a couple duplicates but I’ll just place another order and hopefully I’ll get the missing ones


Fast shipping and excellent condition


Yea is great. I have been a long time collector since I was about four and I’m 58 now of the figurines. My grandfather used to live in Canada, which is where we had to go to get the tea back then no matter how many years goes by and I ordered from you there are still the same old choices of figurines. No more animals which is what I would prefer. You literally only have four or five choices , and their objects. History objects. They don’t give me the warm, fuzzy feeling that I used to get when I knew there were 50 animals I could get and it was exciting to open the box to see which one I got. That being said, I like your new decaf option as I can’t have caffeine anymore and I like the herbal strawberry.

perfect figurine

very well pleased with my purchase i ordered 3 and they were all different. i get for my grandson and he really enjoys getting a new one. we like the collection as learning about new places too. cant wait to see newest collections...